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My dentist and I can’t agree on porcelain veneer color

By September 30, 2015November 30th, 2018Porcelain Veneers

I always thought that the final details of my porcelain veneers are my decision. My dentist keeps telling me that she really doesn’t like the shade I picked. She thinks that the color should be 2 shades lighter than what I picked. This might become a deal breaker for me to get veneers from this dentist. How can I convince her to submit my case so that I can get veneers? – Stefanie

Stefanie – Schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss your concerns. Explain how important it is to you to receive veneers in the color of your choice.

It is ultimately the patient’s decision, but listen closely to your dentist as to the reasons that she is recommending a lighter color. You likely can reach an agreeable decision. If you can’t, we suggest that you seek a second opinion. Veneers are big investment. You should be thrilled, not hesitant, with the results.


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