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A denture tooth cracked on my affordable dental implants

By March 21, 2018July 23rd, 2018Affordable Implant Dentistry

I got affordable dental implants 8 months ago. They have been fine and I have had no problems whatsoever with them until now. The problem is actually with only one of the teeth. So I saw the dentist who did the arch of and she confirmed what I thought. There is a fracture in one of them and it’s making it feel like my bite is off. The dentist asked me how long I had the dental implants. I thought that was very strange because she was the one who did the dentures. Then after another 10 minutes of looking at all my teeth, she suggested that I replace the whole prosthesis “as a precaution.” I have never heard of this. Why would I replace perfectly good dentures that I’ve had no problem with, just in case something happens to them? Am I missing something? What was the purpose of getting affordable dental implants? Also she implied that I am somehow at fault so she is going to charge me for 75% of the cost of replacing the whole arch. – Traci

Traci – No, you are not missing anything. The savings from your affordable dental implants would be consumed by replacing your dentures.

We recommend that you get a second opinion. Have a second dentist—preferably a prosthodontist—examine the fractured tooth. It is possible to replace one or more teeth in a denture without replacing the entire prosthesis. Don’t mention anything to the second-opinion dentist about the recommendation you received from your dentist. If necessary, you can get a third opinion until you are comfortable with the diagnosis, recommended treatment for your affordable dental implants and dentures, and the explanation for both.

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