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Can dentures cause depression?

By October 23, 2015November 30th, 2018Dentures

I know the question sounds strange but I think it’s affecting my dad. I live in PA so I see him every 2 to 3 months and I talk to him on FaceTime every week. It’s just that I am noticing that since he’s had dentures, which he hates, that his mood is not good. My brother lives near my dad and he says that he has noticed a change also, but he thinks it’s because of seasonal depression. The problem is that my dad has had the dentures for 2 years. His mood has really changed and it’s more constant than seasonal. Is it possible that his unattractive and poor fitting dentures are causing depression? By the way, he has also lost 15 lbs and he didn’t need to lose any weight at all. Thanks. Brenda L.

Brenda L. – Disappointing medical or dental issues can affect a patient’s mood. Dentures that fit poorly, are unattractive, or are otherwise problematic are disappointing. They often affect patients’ eating habits, self-esteem, and social life.

Can dentures affect your emotional health?

To be clear, it is ongoing dissatisfaction with dentures that can contribute to a person’s emotional or mental health. Even studies show that when a patient has ongoing problems or dissatisfaction with dentures, he or she is at risk for depression. A September 2007 study published in the Journal of Dental Research confirms that, in older adults, there is a significant relationship between denture dissatisfaction and depression.

The study included 1,180 adults, ages 65 to 74 years. Among those who were dissatisfied with their dentures, 8% were moderately depressed, and 2% were severely depressed. The study found that patients with higher levels of depression also had higher levels of dissatisfaction with their dentures.

The findings of the study show that your thoughts about the cause of your father’s depression may be correct. It’s important for the dental issue to be addressed. Find a few experienced cosmetic dentists with whom you and your father can have consultations. You will learn about customized, natural-looking dentures that fit well. You can also ask about how dentures can be stabilized with dental implants, which will prevent them from slipping around or falling out, and will prevent jawbone shrinkage. Your father’s smile will look and feel better.

It’s also a good idea to seek medical help to determine if there are other contributing factors to your father’s depression.

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