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When dentures don’t fit anymore or keep falling out

By November 30, 2017July 23rd, 2018Dentures

My dentures don’t fit anymore. They have been relined at least 5 times but they are still loose. My dentist doesn’t seem to be concerned. He just keeps relining them. I’m worried that the dentures will need to be relined so many times that I will wish I had just gotten a new set. Is this normal? I’ve been wearing dentures for about 16 year now. Maybe there is a certain brand of dentures that is known for fitting better. If so will you please let me know about it? Thanks. James


When all of your teeth are missing—even if you wear dentures—your jawbone begins to shrink. This happens regardless of the brand of dentures you receive. Missing teeth are a signal to the body that bone is no longer needed in those places, so your body resorbs the bone and uses the minerals from it elsewhere.

After fifteen to twenty years of jawbone shrinkage, there is no longer bone to support your facial muscles, and you experience facial collapse. Jawbone shrinkage also makes it difficult to keep dentures in your mouth. You may find them slipping more often, even falling out.

The slippage of dentures and jawbone shrinkage can be prevented by securing your dentures with dental implants. Snap-on dentures secure dentures with just two dental implants. But there are other options available.

The cost for securing your dentures is per implant, but thee more implants used, the more secure your dentures will be. You will quickly notice that with implants, it is easier to eat and speak with dentures. They will feel more like your natural teeth.


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