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Is the diamond in Drake’s tooth a dental implant?

By January 9, 2018July 23rd, 2018Dental Implants

Is the diamond in Drake’s tooth a dental implant? I recently read he has a pink diamond in one tooth. Or is it possible to insert a diamond in a natural tooth? It looks cool, but I’m wondering if it is safe to do? And if so, what does a dentist charge for something like that? – Ozzie


Your dental implant question probably refers to a Twitter post between xxx and Drank that’s circulating. Drake’s photo was posted and there’s an awkward smudge on one of his front teeth. One of the comments made on the photo was:

“Lmao all that money and ur teeth still don’t look clean.”

Drake responded with:

“I have a pink diamond in my tooth…I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know datttttttttttt”

Does Drake Have a Dental Implant for His Diamond Tooth?

Drake hasn’t clarified how he got the diamond in his tooth. We haven’t found any clear photos that show the tooth well. So, we can only guess what it could be. So here are the possibilities:

  • Natural tooth – The tooth with the diamond could be a natural tooth. Dentists are doctors, so their concern is to not harm natural teeth. Most dentists would view drilling into a natural tooth as causing harm, but a diamond in a tooth is considered cosmetic dentistry. So there are some dentists who would yield to the patient’s request.
  • A grill   A lot of celebrities have grills. This doesn’t appear to be a grill because the diamond is only on a single tooth. If Drake wanted a grill, he would probably have gold added to it for more bling, similar to what Lil Wayne has done.
  • Dental implant or a crown – Unless Drake had a missing tooth, it’s probably not a dental implant. Most likely, he has a dental crown with a diamond in it. Although it’s not common, a dental lab can easily make a crown with a space in it to embed a diamond.

Is it Safe to Put Diamond in Your Teeth?

Safety depends on the dentist and the technique used. If the procedure was done in a dental office, it’s safe. Most dentists would not recommend removing natural tooth structure to embed a diamond in it. But if Drake has a dental crown, having it placed was likely a necessary procedure and bling was added to it. If anyone other than a dentist does the dental work, it’s not safe. Bacteria can collect around the crown and increase the risk of decay. Or permanent damage to the tooth can occur and ultimately result in the loss of the tooth. It isn’t wise to extract a tooth just to get a dental implant with a diamond in it.

How Much Does Something Like This Cost?

Pink diamonds are rare, but their value depends on the intensity of the hue, the clarity, and the number of carats. We can’t see the pink hue in the photos of the diamond in Drake’s tooth, but the diamond is likely graded as “fancy” or “fancy light,” meaning it is less rare and less valuable than one with more intense shading. The stone alone probably cost a few thousand dollars. A crown from a cosmetic dentist who caters to celebrities would also cost a few thousand dollars.


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