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How can I find the right pediatric dentist for my son?

By October 29, 2014November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

I have to take my 3 yr old son to the pediatric dentist for his first appointment in a few months, but I am unable to find one near me that gives them something to kind of put him to sleep rather than strap him down. how can i find the right dentist? thanks. Yazmin

Yazmin – If you have friends or family members with children, you can ask for recommendations on a dentist for your children.

If you are scheduled for a dental appointment soon, you can ask to take your child with you to see the office and watch you have your teeth cleaned. You can explain to your son the need to have a dentist check and clean your teeth to keep them healthy.

Another option is to take your child to visit the office where he will receive the dental cleaning, in advance of the appointment. Your son can take a look at the office and meet a few staff members to get comfortable with the office.

Keep in mind that your son may not need to be secured to the dental chair or sedated for his appointment. If you don’t receive any recommendations for a dentist, you can continue to call pediatric dental offices or the office of a family dentist to find out what they do to help children relax during their appointment. Some offices have music to listen to, TV programs to watch, or other ways of distracting children during the appointment.

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