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How do I prevent from losing my teeth if I have gum disease?

By February 15, 2011November 30th, 2018Gum Disease

Not long ago, I was told by a dentist that I have gum disease. I currently do not have dental insurance, so I haven’t been back to the dentist to get this checked. Now I’ve noticed my lower front gum is getting really low, and two of my bottom front teeth have become slightly loose. How do I prevent from losing my teeth? If I lose these two teeth, will my other teeth shift over where the gap is?

Gary from Memphis


Once your teeth become loose from gum disease, there really isn’t much you can do to save them. Gum disease shouldn’t be taken lightly. If some of your teeth are loose, then you may have more that will become loose. I strongly urge you to see a dentist, regardless of not having dental insurance. It isn’t that expensive to prevent gum disease. Start by going for your checkups and cleaning right away.

Had you kept up with your routine dental care, you would have been much better off. If you want to slow down or stop gum disease, schedule an appointment with a dentist right away.

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