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How long is the wait for dentures after teeth are extracted?

By August 14, 2014February 13th, 2019Dentures

I have lost more than half my teeth to gum disease. I was going to the wrong dentist. They kept doing deep cleaning but my teeth were still getting loose. My daughter finally got me to go to a periodontist. Now the gum disease is under control but I have lost so many teeth that I need dentures. The few remaining teeth that I have will pulled soon. This has been a very upsetting experience for me. How long will I have to wait for dentures after all of my teeth are pulled? Yolinda

Yolinda – The length of wait before you receive dentures depends on the type of dentures you receive. Customized dentures are fit about three to six months after your teeth are extracted. This allows time for your gum tissue to heal. The waiting period ensures that the dentures will fit properly. While you wait for the gum tissue to heal, you will wear temporarily wear immediate dentures.

Immediate dentures are placed immediately after tooth extraction. When all of your natural teeth are missing, your jawbone will automatically begin to shrink. Immediate dentures will need to be refit or relined. If you choose immediate dentures to be your permanent dentures, they will need to be refitted several times to fit your shrinking jawbone. Some patients still require a new denture.

If you choose to have your dentures stabilized with dental implants, permanent dentures are secured to the dentures after the jawbone heals and bonds to the implants. The healing period is four to six months. In this case also, temporary dentures will be attached to the implants.

We recommend that you find a dentist who experienced in dental aesthetics or cosmetic dentistry. He or she will provide you with customized dentures that look natural when you smile.Your options for dentures will be thoroughly explained.

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