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If frenum is removed will my gap close?

By June 20, 2014November 30th, 2018General Dentistry, Tooth Gap

I have a large piece of fleshy tissue between my teeth that has created a pretty big gap. I guess the technical term is frenum. If the frenum is removed why wouldn’t my teeth grow closer and close the gap? Do I really need braces? – Nick

Nick – Your case needs to be evaluated by an orthodontist. Removing the frenum, or muscle tissue, before you have orthodontic treatment can create scar tissue that will prevent the gap from closing. In some cases, only minor tooth movement is required to close the gap, and it may be possible to accomplish the closer with a retainer.

If too much muscle tissue is removed, when the gap is closed, a dark triangle will be left between your teeth. Generally, it is best to close the gap first, and then remove the frenum with a simple surgical procedure. An orthodontist will let you know your options.

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