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Is there a toothpaste that is specifically designed to help with bad breath ?

By August 2, 2010November 30th, 2018General Dentistry

My husband has tried a lot of different “cover-up” treatments for his bad breath…things  like breath mints, gum, and special kinds of mouthwash. But I have a feeling that we’re only going to be able to make it better with the right kind of toothpaste. Do you have any info. or suggestions ?

Jeanette in Chicago


There are some toothpastes that have antibacterial properties and are good for treating bad breath.
There are also dentifrices especially formulated for fighting oral malodor. They have antibacterial ingredients such as chlorine dioxide and cetylpyridinium chloride.
If you use this formula in also cleaning your tongue, it can be very effective.
The cause of bad breath is, in most cases, bacteria that live in your mouth. To combat this smell with toothpaste, it should have an antibacterial agent that will kill the bacteria at the source of the smell. It can also have odor-neutralizing chemicals in its formula.
Please contact us if you have further questions about the causes of bad breath
Some companies that make bad breath products such as these special toothpastes are Dr. Harold Katz’s TheraBreath, and Discus Dental, which makes BreathRx products.

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