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Kids’ dentist straps them down???

By January 14, 2014November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

I have a 3 yr old son, a 6 yr old son and an 8 yr old daughter. I am in a dilemma with the dentist’s office. I have been taking the kids to this dentist for 4 years. Late last year was our most recent appointment. As soon as my 8 yr old got in the dentist’s chair, they strapped her in. The 8 yr old mind you. We have never had any problem with her and she is not afraid of the dentist – at least she wasn’t. I hope it won’t have a bad effect on her. I asked why she was being strapped in and the hygienist said they are strapping kids in so they will be still and don’t need sedation. She added that lots of offices in the area are starting to do it.  Well, I asked her to remove the straps and I took my daughter home. Is this something that I should get used to? Am I over-reacting? – Jeannine

Jeannine – You are not over-reacting. Whenever you or your children are uncomfortable in the dentist’s office, you should make it known and if necessary, leave—as you did.

You are able to find a dentist for your children who will welcome you and make you and your children feel comfortable. If your children have bad experiences at a dental office, they will hate going to the dental appointments as adults.

If you decide to find a new dentist for your children, consider having consultations with a few dentists and taking your children with you to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the office and the staff. Ask about what is done to help children have pleasant and productive visits. If you prefer going into the exam room with your children, ask if there is an office policy regarding it.

It will be to your advantage—and your children’s—to insist on quality dental care and patient care for your children.

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