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Looking for a cheap dental implant for canine tooth

By December 26, 2013November 30th, 2018Affordable Implant Dentistry, Dental Implants

I have a crooked canine tooth on the right side of my mouth. It is also badly shaped and discolored. I am wondering if I can get a cheap dental implant to replace it and still have it look natural.  Erika

Ericka – It is likely that your canine tooth doesn’t need to be replaced with a dental implant. You can have the tooth examined by an experienced prosthodontist. And if you do need a dental implant, you can discuss how a quality implant can be made affordable for you.

The goal will be to preserve your tooth. There are options that may work for you, including reshaping the tooth and whitening it; lightly shaving the tooth and bonding a porcelain veneer to it, which will look completely natural; reducing the size of the tooth and covering it with a porcelain crown to match your natural tooth; or short-term orthodontics and teeth bleaching.

Schedule an appointment to have your tooth examined and to find out your options. Many dentists, like Dr. LaVacca, offer a complimentary consultation.

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