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My dentist says mini implants are not strong enough

By January 19, 2015November 30th, 2018Mini Implants

I have horrible dentures and am getting them replaced with new ones. I found a new dentist for dentures that look really good. I want implants for them but I can’t afford the regular implants. Unfortunately after getting hooked on this dentist I found out that he doesn’t do mini implants. He doesn’t like them because he says they are not strong enough. He will only do standard implants. There is just no way I can get regular implants. Do I have to settle for just getting new dentures? Thanks Connie

Connie – It is true that mini implants are not as stable as standard implants, but in most cases, they will stabilize your dentures.

We are unable to say whether or not mini implants can be used for your particular case, so we recommend that you receive a second opinion—and possibly and third option—from an experienced prosthodontist. He or she will perform an examination and conduct diagnostic studies to determine the best and most affordable way to secure your dentures.

The diameter of mini implants is smaller than that of standard implants. The placement is easier, and they are less expensive. The more implants you receive, the more stable your dentures will be. In cases of low bone density, some providers prefer them because they require less bone density to be placed. But they are less stable than traditional implants, and they don’t last as long. With proper placement and proper at-home care, they can five to ten years.

A skilled prosthodontist will let you know if mini implants are an option for you. If they are an option, he or she will let you know what you can expect in terms of stabilization and longevity compared to traditional implants.

Costs of both traditional and mini implants will be explained. You will also receive information on how either treatment can be made affordable for you, including financing and payment plans.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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