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My gums swollen over 1 year after dental implant placed

I got 3 dental implants 1 ½ yrs ago. The healing seems to be fine but now the gum around 1 of them is swollen. I take good care of my real teeth and the implants. I now live 6 hours away from the dentist who placed the implants. I made sure not to relocate before everything was healed. Why is this happening now? Jennifer

Jennifer – Swelling around the implant right after implant surgery is normal. Swelling will peak in approximately 48 hours and will gradually diminish in about one week.

Swelling like yours that occurs over a year after the implant surgery is a reason for concern. It is possible that there is a problem with the implant or you may have an infection.

Your tooth needs to be examined by an experienced implant dentist for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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