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My implant loosed and came out

By April 26, 2013November 30th, 2018Dental Implants

I got 5 dental implants in Nov. 2012. 2 weeks ago I noticed that the crown on one of them felt funny when I chewed. I had an appointment last week with the implant dentist this past Monday and he said sure enough the crown was loose. He pulled on it and the whole implant came out. He said I need another implant surgery. I can’t believe after all of trouble I went through to get the implants and then the healing time that is needs to be done over! How could this happen? – Kristie P.

Kristie – If your crown was loose, it would be much easier to correct than a dental implant. A loose implant is a serious mistake, but it does occur.

There are several reasons that implants can loosen. One reason is that the crown may have been placed prematurely—before the bone bonded to the implant. Another possibility is that the implant was not sturdy enough to support the crown. Or, you may have inadequate bone density to support dental implants. An infection will also cause an implant to loosen.

More is involved than simply replacing the implant. The bone that was removed before the implant was placed will need to be replaced, and bone grafting may be required.

Unfortunately, implants mistakes are common. We recommend that you find a credentialed implant dentist to do replace your implant, instead of returning to your original implant dentist. Have the new implant dentist examine the space where you need an implant. He or she will determine what needs to be done to restore it.


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