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What are my options until I can afford dental implants?

By December 26, 2015November 30th, 2018Affordable Dental Implants, Cosmetic Procedures

I had a 2nd root canals on 2 different teeth on the same day. I think my dentist didn’t know what she was doing so she messed up both teeth and make them weak. 3 weeks after the root canals my teeth, face and eyes started hurting horribly. I was sick to my stomach. I had to go back to the dentist’s office and as soon as she started working on the first tooth, she said it cracked. I asked her to stop working on my teeth and I left the office. My wife made some calls for me and I immediately went to an endodontist who had to extract both teeth and is recommending dental implants. I have 2 missing teeth and certainly was not planning on spending thousands of dollars on dental implants. I am wondering what my options are until I can afford dental implants, because I kind of felt like the endo was just pushing implants. Thanks Gerard.

Gerard – An endodontist specializes in tooth replacement with dental implants, and dental implants are the most effective means of replacing missing teeth. So naturally, the specialist would recommend the healthiest and most effective option for replacing your teeth.

A dental bridge can replace the white portion, or biting surface, of your missing teeth, but since it won’t replace the tooth roots, your jawbone will begin to shrink where teeth are missing.

It is possible that your dental implant placement can be done in two phases. One tooth can be replaced, and after you pay for that implant, work can start on the second implant. The phased treatment can make the implants more affordable.

Another alternative is to consider no-interest financing based on your budget. This allows you to receive both implants with scheduled payments.

Speak with the financial representative at the specialist’s office to learn more about your options. Also, as with any surgery, it’s good to seek a second opinion from another specialist—a prosthodontist or an endodontist—to discuss your options.

Of course, the final choice is yours, and if you definitely not interested in implants at this time, be sure to find an artistic cosmetic dentist or prosthodontist who can provide you with a natural-looking dental bridge.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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