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Pediatric dentist for thumb sucking?

By September 30, 2013November 30th, 2018Thumb Sucking

My 7 yr old is still sucking her thumb. I think it’s a nervous habit. I’m getting her help regarding her anxiety, but I want to help her stop the thumb sucking before it ruins her teeth. My sister told me I should mention it to my daughter’s pediatric dentist. Can the dentist help? Samantha

Samantha – Your daughter’s pediatric dentist can help.  An oral appliance, referred to as a habit breaker, can be used.  The appliance will prevent your daughter from putting her thumb in her mouth.

Initially the appliance can make the tongue sore, and your daughter will have to adjust to speaking while wearing it. The appliance is not removable, and it usually breaks the habit within 12 months.

If your daughter’s pediatric dentist doesn’t provide the appliance, you will be able to receive one from an orthodontist.

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