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Do pediatric dentists provide dental flippers?

By July 26, 2016November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

My 4 yr old likes to ride very fast on his tricycle. Even after having an accident in June he is still riding fast. He rides on the sidewalk in our neighborhood. The tricycle hit an uneven part of the sidewalk and since he wasn’t holding on tightly, the bump sent him flying over the handlebars. 2 of his teeth were damaged. One of them was so bad that the dentist just took it out. My son gets teased in daycare because of his red hair and freckles and I don’t want him to get teased any more about his tooth. I am wondering if he can get a dental flipper until the tooth grows back in. I know it’s a baby tooth and will be replaced soon but our family has enough stress without having to console a 4 year old about a tooth. That’s must not how we want to spend our time and emotions. I spoke with my husband about it and he agrees. I just want to know if the flipper is possible before we ask our pediatric dentist. She is pretty much resistant to doing anything cosmetic for kids’ teeth. Thanks. Romia


Romia – We understand your concern about your son’s missing tooth, and your concern about him being teased about it. Pediatric dentists can provide flippers for children and toddlers, but it isn’t advisable for children to wear them for long-term use. Active children are not likely to cooperate with the process of getting fitted for a flipper. Additionally, the appliance can easily come out of the mouth or become a choking hazard.

Although you may anticipate teasing, your son is at the age where will likely be multiple children in the class who have teeth missing for one reason or another. Other children may see him as just another child in the class with a missing tooth.

You can be proactive, though. Consider doing role play at home as to how your son can respond if he is teased about the missing tooth. Some parents find that if the teasing is taken lightly and the child jokes along, it is easier to get through those awkward moments. If the teasing get out of hand, encourage your child to inform a responsible adult.

If you choose to get a dental flipper for your son, ask your pediatric dentist to explain the risks. Also, ensure your son understands what he must do to avoid injury or choking due to wearing the appliance.

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