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Can I get a pediatric dentist’s recommendation for teeth whitening swabs?

By June 7, 2018July 21st, 2018Pediatric Dentist

I’m wondering if teeth whitening swabs are okay to use on my daughter’s teeth. If so, could one of your pediatric dentists give me a recommendation on which brand to use? I would like to use them over the summer to remove at least some of the stains. Her teeth are really yellow despite good hygiene at home. She was teased so much near the end of the school year. I promised her that we will do something about it before she returns to school in September because it will be her first year of middle school and that transition alone is enough without being teased. We searched online and found some swabs at a reasonable price. Will they get stubborn stains out of her teeth? – Lilly


Before you whiten your daughter’s teeth, you need the professional opinion of a pediatric dentist.

Why See a Pediatric Dentist before Using Teeth Whitening?

There are several benefits of doing so:

  • Determine the cause of the stains in her teeth
  • Examine her teeth and gums to ensure they are free of disease and decay
  • Anticipate the results of whitening them. Sometimes bleaching gel can make stains look worse.
  • Provide the correct type of whitening

Depending on the type and concentration of bleaching gel in the whitening swabs, they may or may not be effective. Swabs are not as effective as customized trays, which keep bleaching gel in contact with the teeth for even, thorough penetration that breaks down stains.

When you look at online reviews for whitening swabs, some people report good results, but the majority of users are disappointed with the results. Ask your child’s pediatric dentist to examine your daughter’s teeth and recommend treatment to improve the color of them.

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