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Prosthodontist or another dentist for a broken implant?


I didn’t know about a prosthodontist until I found your website on my Google search for failed dental implants. I think you may be able to advise me on my situation: My dentist sent me to a oral surgeon to get a implant. The surgeon did a beautiful job on the bone grafting and implant. I went back to my dentist in October to get the crown. Something just didn’t feel write when he was putting it on. Anyway the implant hurts and it is loose. So of course I didn’t go back to my dentist, I went to another one to take a look at it and he said yes it is loose and he can refer me to an endodontist to fix it. Hmm. Then I am going to have to go back to my dentist to get a crown on it which is how this started in the first place. I didn’t have any trouble until my dentist put the crown on. What should I do? – Helena

Helena– Find a dentist who is trained in implantology, such as a prosthodontist. You may need to have bone grafted to ensure the implant is stable, but the problem can be corrected.

Check the credentials of the dentist to see if he or she has extensive training specific to dental implants. You can check for credentials from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists or the American Board of Oral Implantology. Ask questions and express your concerns about the placement of your crown.

An advantage of receiving dental implants from a prosthodontist is that he or she completes every place of the process. Diagnostic studies, planning, surgery, and crown placement are all completed by the same specialists. Prosthodontists have extensive experience in implant placement and can often provide more predictable outcomes.

Schedule consultations with two or three implant dentists, and include a prosthodontist as a second or third opinion. We know this situation has been a disappointment for you, and we wish you the best on your future treatment.


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