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Can a prosthodontist find out why CEREC crowns messed up my bite?

By April 23, 2017November 30th, 2018Prosthodontist

I have been to 3 CEREC dentists and nobody can figure out why my bite has been off since I got the crowns. Would a prosthodontist do anything differently or should I just get new crowns? These crowns are 5 months old. The first dentist who placed the crowns talked a good game before I got the crowns but after I pressed him about why my bite is off and why my teeth hurt, he admitted that he has only been during CEREC for 7 months. He lied to me before I got the crowns. When I asked him about his first claim to have been doing for CEREC for years, he said that I must have understood. He has been doing crowns for 7 years but CEREC crowns for 7 months. This was no misunderstanding. My wife was with me when we discussed getting these crowns and she remembers the dentist saying 7 years for CEREC. I quit that dentist and have been to 2 other dentists to figure out what’s going on with my bite. I thought this was standard procedure to place crowns and get the bite right but evidently not. My good friend’s wife is a dental hygienist and she suggested that I see a prosthodontist. Is this really going to make a difference? What will done differently? Thanks. Blake

Blake – Most likely, the CEREC dentists you visited are general dentists. A prosthodontist is a specialist with two years of post-graduate training in tooth restoration. Prosthodontists receive extensive education in occlusion, or the way your teeth fit together when you bite down. You will receive a thorough examination of your crowns and natural teeth to determine why your bite is off.

Crown construction – Your prosthodontist will ensure that impressions of your teeth were properly taken to ensure the crowns were properly sized.

Natural tooth structure – Each natural tooth is tapered to allow the crown to fit securely over it. If your teeth weren’t tapered enough, the crowns can sit to high.

Internal condition of teeth – When your bite is off from crowns, it stresses and puts pressure on your natural teeth. The pressure can cause damage to tooth nerves or pulp—the living tissue inside your teeth.

After your visits to three different dentists without a resolution, it’s time to see a prosthodontist. If there is a board-certified dentist in your area, his or her expertise will benefit your case. A board-certified specialist has completed rigorous testing and submitted patient cases that prove his or her skill.

Don’t delay getting a second opinion. Prolonged pressure on your teeth from an improper bite can create even more problems.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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