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What will a prosthodontist charge for incomplete dental implants?

By August 11, 2015November 30th, 2018Dental Implants, Prosthodontist

I got a horrible infection from dental implants that were being placed 2 years ago. The whole process of getting everything under control took over a year. I never got the implants. So now I need the surgery done again but I am going to a completely different dentist. I gave up trying to get reimbursed for the work that wasn’t completed. I am just moving forward. I am wondering how much a prosthodontist will charge me to complete the dental implants. Thanks. Joan C.

Joan – An experienced prosthodontist will need to examine your implant sites and do diagnostic studies to determine what needs to be done to complete the procedure.

The extent of the work left and anything that may need to be corrected will factor into the cost. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with a few prosthodontists to discuss your options. Keep in mind that cost can only be determined after an examination and digital x-rays.

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