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Is too late to see a prosthodontist for dental implants?

By March 23, 2017October 20th, 2023Prosthodontist

Is it too late to see a prosthodontist for dental implants? I got dentures 27 years ago and I didn’t know anything about dental implants until a few years ago. I’m ready for a change now because I am getting tired of my dentures. My teeth look fake and my cheeks sag over the dentures. They don’t fit right and I’m really frustrated because these dentures are only 3 years old. I was hoping that the fit would last longer. I’m 60+ and am wondering if it’s too late age wise or too late because I’ve been wearing dentures too long. Thank you. Isabel


It’s not too late to see a prosthodontist for dentures. In fact, a prosthodontist can resolve all your concerns and the issues you are having with dentures.

The fit – After years of wearing dentures, your jawbone shrinks. In time, it becomes difficult to keep a denture in. Your jawbone can be built up with bone grafting. This procedure is completed before you receive dental implants. It takes a few months for the bone grafting to heal. Bone grafting will lift your jawbone to support your facial muscles and take years off of your facial appearance. Adequate jawbone is also needed to support dental implants.

The function – A prosthodontist can help stabilize your dentures with dental implants. The dentures are secured to the implants, so speaking and eating with dentures will feel more like your natural teeth. Your dentures will have maximum stability with four to six dental implants.

The look – You can receive custom dentures that are tailored to fit your facial features and your mouth. They will look like your own natural teeth.

We suggest that you schedule appointments with two or three prosthodontists. Ensure that each dentist has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. Although any prosthodontist can place your dental implants, beautiful cosmetic dentures require training and skill. You’ll get natural-looking results. The consultations will help you understand your options and select the right provider.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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