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Can a prosthodontist make my dentures look better?

By November 3, 2016November 30th, 2018Prosthodontist

In June of this year I received dentures from a general dentist. At the time I knew nothing about a prosthodontist so after I had a consultation with 2 different dentists, I selected one of the dentists. I got my 8 remaining teeth extracted so that I could get dentures. I learned about dental implants but they are just way out of my budge right now, but I am saving for them. The time since June has been stressful. The dentures have no character. The teeth in them look like pegs so my smile is very generic. It looks like a block of teeth, not individual teeth. My dentist calls it a perfect smile because all of the teeth look the same. I think it looks fake. Several of my friends have asked me what I did to my teeth. If it’s a close friend, I have explained that I have new dentures. Their reply is kind of like, ‘Okay, I understand now.’ That shouldn’t be. The results I got from this dentist tell me not to look to him for any resolution. I don’t think he is capable. So know that I know about prosthodontists, I am turning to you for advice. Is there anything that can be done to my new dentures to make them look better? Bridget

Bridget – A smile is so personal that it can affect the way you feel about yourself. We are sorry to learn of your bad experience with dentures and the impact it’s had on you. A skilled prosthodontist can design a smile that fits your mouth, facial features, and personality so that it looks completely natural. You will get compliments on your smile instead of questions about what happened to it.

Unfortunately, a prosthodontist isn’t able to alter your existing dentures to give them a lifelike appearance. Altering your dentures would affect your bite and the way the denture teeth fit in the base. Your dentures just wouldn’t look good.

We recommend that you schedule a consultation with one or two skilled prosthodontists. Take along with you pictures of your smile before you received dentures. A prosthodontist will be able to create a smile with new dentures that looks natural and helps you smile proudly.

This post is sponsored by Naperville prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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