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Can she use sewing thread instead of floss?

By July 10, 2015November 30th, 2018General Dentistry

My sister is a seamstress and has more sewing thread than she can every use. She finally decided that she is going to floss her teeth regularly, so somehow she got the idea that she can use the thread instead of buying floss. I told her that floss is inexpensive and it is made for the teeth. Is it okay to use sewing thread instead of floss? – T.C.

T.C. – Sewing thread is designed made for sewing fabric, and floss is specifically designed to clean between our teeth. Sewing thread is not sterile, nor is it meant for use in the mouth.

Sewing thread can get break, get stuck between teeth, and be harsh on gums. Floss glides alongside the teeth and between teeth and gums to remove trapped food particles. Clean floss should be used daily and thrown way after use. Used floss is not as effective and can reintroduce bacteria in your mouth.

If your sister is still insists that it is okay to use sewing thread instead of floss, you can suggest that she speaks with her dental hygienist or her dentist about the issue.

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