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Should I ask for zirconia or titanium dental implants?

By December 4, 2014November 30th, 2018Dental Implants

Hi. What are zirconia dental implants? Are they better than titanium implants? Should I ask for zirconia or titanium implants? Thank you. Janis

Janis – Zirconia implants are made of zirconium, which has properties similar to titanium. While zirconium can be processed and converted to pure metal, zirconia ceramic is obtained through a different process. Zirconia ceramic is actually a stabilized crystalline, or powder, form of zirconium. It is strong, wear-resistant, and used in technical ceramics.

These ceramic implants are often compatible with people who have metal allergies and sensitivities. Others simply prefer them for holistic reasons.

Some implants dentists prefer titanium implants, while others prefer zirconia. And there are implant dentists who use both, and determine by individual case which type of implants are best for the patient.

We recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board-certified prosthodontist. He or she will answer any additional questions you have and explain your options for dental implants. After an exam and diagnostic studies, you will find out which treatment options are best for your case.

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