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Should I see another dentist to fix my son’s teeth?

By May 13, 2010November 30th, 2018Dental Bonding, Pediatric Dentist

My 10-year-old son fell off his bike yesterday and broke his upper front tooth and cracked another one horizontally. Thankfully, we managed to get him in to see the dentist. However, the dentist said he was unable to fix his teeth until next month. He also said that we should wait a few weeks to allow the root to desensitize. Is this waiting period standard procedure, or should I find another dentist?

-Jennifer from Texas


You shouldn’t have to wait to fix your son’s teeth.

If you happened to find the piece of tooth that was broken off, it can still be reattached. Find a good cosmetic dentist to do this procedure though. You’ll want someone who knows how to match the other front tooth, and this requires someone who has excellent aesthetic dental skills.

If you don’t have the broken piece of tooth to reattach, then direct dental bonding can be used to repair the tooth. In time, the pulp will become smaller as your son ages, so depending on the extent of damage to both teeth, he may need a single crown or more.

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