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Snap on denture post broke!

By May 22, 2014November 30th, 2018Affordable Implant Dentistry

I am in the process of getting snap on dentures. I think one of the implant post broke. It feels pretty lose around the gum. If it broke will it have to be redone? I just want to know before I go to this dentist because I don’t know him that well. I just need some independent advice. Thank you. – Marlene

Marlene – If one of the implant fixtures broke, it will need to be removed and replaced. The implant dentist may need to reposition the implant so that your jawbone will correctly heal around it.

You have the option of getting a second opinion from an experienced implant dentist. He or she will examine the implant and let you know what needs to be done to replace it.

It may not be true in your case, but sometimes in an effort to save money, cheap implant fixtures are used. If you get a second opinion, you can ask about the quality of the implants that were used to support your dentures. This information will be useful in determining the dentist you choose to replace your implant.

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