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How do you soft line a denture?

By August 29, 2017November 30th, 2018Dentures

Will you please tell me how to soft line a denture? My dentures are only 2 years old and my dentist has soft lined them 6 times. The dentures are still loose and they fall out if I breathe too hard. I’m very frustrated about this whole thing, I am hungry and I am so disappointed with this whole process. I’m beginning to wonder of I need to scrap the whole thing and insist on new dentures from my dentist. Before I give up though, I want to try to reline them myself. He hasn’t done anything right so what do I have to lose? Can you please give me soft lining step-by-step instructions or tell me where I can look online preferably for a reliable video? If not, written instructions will do. Thank you in advance for your help. Clarke

Clarke – We’re sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with your dentures. It is clear that soft lining your dentures isn’t the answer. When dentures continue to be lose and fall out, there are several possible causes.

Why Dentures Might Be Too Loose

There are many factors that can cause your oral appliance to loosen. Some reasons are listed below.

  • Jawbone shrinkage occurs after years of wearing dentures. As the bone shrinks, dentures will loosen.
  • Improper impressions of your teeth or bony ridge were taken, so the dentures don’t fit correctly.
  • The denture border is too wide, too long, or too short.
  • The base of the denture might be defective.

Is Soft Lining Them Really the Solution?

Your bony ridge and dentures need to be examined. Your dentist can determine if the problem is the result of jawbone shrinkage or the construction of the dentures.

If you decide to get a second opinion, find a prosthodontist or experienced dentist to examine the dentures and tell if they are being correctly relined. It is possible that you will need dentures.

If you need new dentures, consider having them secured with dental implants. Dental implants add stability to dentures and prevent them from slipping around or falling out. They also prevent bone shrinkage. If you have excessive jawbone shrinkage, grafting might be needed to build up the bone before implants can be placed.

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