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I’m losing my 5th tooth from root canal failure and chemical sensitivities

By January 12, 2016November 30th, 2018Root Canal Treatment

I am really frustrated about my teeth. 2 years ago I had an apicoectomy on a molar tooth. The tooth is giving me problems again and an endodontist did the work. 3 weeks ago I had 2 teeth pulled and I am told that I have to have 2 or 3 more pulled on the other side. I can’t tell you how traumatic this is for me. The end result is that at 38 years old, I will have none of my molar teeth. I have to wait until summer to get implants to give time for my gums and bone to heal properly. I have a new dentist who told me that my body has rejected 2 previous root canals. She said there is no point in getting another root canal because my immune system is rejecting the filler. I do have a lot of allergies and chemical sensitivities. What really scares me is that I am not sure yet what is going on with my teeth and why they keep decaying. I floss morning, night, and after eating anything that I think might potentially get lodged between my teeth I floss again. I keep floss in my purse. I brush morning, night, and after every meal. I know this sounds strange, but I have these flossing and brushing habits because of the root canal problems and problems with my teeth. It’s making me nervous to think that the only way to resolve a bad tooth for me is to have it pulled. Is that really my only option? Cassandra

Cassanda – We sympathize with you and know that this difficult situation must be very frustrating for you.

We cannot say whether or not your only recourse in the future is to have teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants. An examination and review of your medical history is required. We do recommend that you find a dentist who works with patients who have allergies and chemical sensitivities and tries to find alternative treatment for them.

Some dentists use the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (CMRT), although its reliability is controversial. CMRT is a laboratory screen process used to identify your sensitivities. Bases on the results, the dentist will seek dental materials that are biocompatible for your case. Often the test is not performed in the dentist’s office, and the patient is given information to order it. The results are used for your dental treatment.

If you already know your sensitivities, you can call a few prosthodontists’ offices to ask if they work with patients who have chemical sensitivities. You may also ask each prosthodontist if he or she is willing to work along with your medical doctor to help identify the cause of the ongoing problems with your teeth. You can also choose to search online for a holistic dentist. Be sure to check his or her credentials, along with patient reviews.

We sincerely wish you well in finding answers and the right help.

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