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Teeth Whitening Systems

By November 7, 2011November 30th, 2018Teeth Whitening

A few years ago my dentist gave me a whitening tray called Opalescence. I’m wanting to bleach my teeth. Do I have to only use the opalescence brand with this tray? Could I also use other brands, or could I just use Crest whitestrips without the tray? What about Brite Smile To Go?


Todd M.- Florida


Opalescence is a good whitening gel, but it is not the only one you can use with your tray. It is one of several brands that cosmetic dentists use to whiten their patient’s teeth. Another popular brand is Nite White. The benefit of the tray is it should have been custom made for your teeth, so you’ll get better coverage.

Brite Smile to Go is an over the counter paint on whitener. I have not seen any studies on its effectiveness, so could not give a definitive answer. However, looking at the ingredients and the instructions, it appears to be a mild whitener that is safe to use. Crest White Strips have been around for years and have a number of studies on them. They are perfectly safe and will whiten your teeth, but it is a much milder form of whitener and will take a while.

If you’re looking for a faster teeth whitening system, you might consider Zoom Whitening. It is administered by a dentist and can give you a brilliantly white smile in just one appointment.

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