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The teeth are falling out of my denture

By February 12, 2013November 30th, 2018Dentures

Hello. I got implant dentures about 2 ½ years ago. Since that time I’ve had teeth fall out of the denture twice. I have been keeping record of this and the first time it happened was in December 2011. One of the top left teeth fell out. In July of last year, two bottom teeth fell out. Last weekend I noticed a problem again on the upper left side of my mouth when I chew. I looked in the mirror and gently pushed each tooth on that side of my mouth and found that again, one is loose. Of course, I have brought this to the attention of my dentist. He keeps the denture for repair. I am not sure what that process is, but after the “repair” he returns the denture to me. I know plenty of people who wear dentures and I haven’t heard one of them say that a single tooth has fallen out of the denture. So my guess is that what’s happening to my dentures is very unusual. Can you confirm that for me? Thank you. Jim

Jim – It is very unusual for teeth to fall out of the base of a denture. If your implant dentures were made correctly, what you are experiencing would not occur.

You can certain request your denture be to be re-made. Unfortunately, mistakes occur when shortcuts are taken. Inferior materials, shortcuts in techniques, or a cheap dental lab can all contribute toward your receiving dentures that are poorly made.

Although the laboratory makes the dentures, it is the dentist who is responsible for ensuring that you get a high-quality product, and for correcting this situation.

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