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The tooth beneath my crown hurts

By September 17, 2015November 30th, 2018Cosmetic Procedures, Dental Crowns

I got a root canal and crown in June. I thought everything seemed to be okay even though every once in a while I would feel a little pain in the tooth. It felt much better than before the root canal and it only hear once or twice a month so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Now it is a big deal because the pain is getting worse. Am I going to need a new crown? Lily

Lily – Your tooth needs to be examined to determine the correct treatment for it. There are several possible causes of your pain.

  • A main nerve still exists in the tooth. An irritated nerve that remains after root canal treatment can cause pain. A second root canal will be needed to clean the tooth and re-seal it.
  • The crown doesn’t fit correctly. A poorly fitting crown can put pressure on your natural tooth and cause pain. The crown will need to be removed, further preparation of the natural tooth may be required, and the crown will need to be bonded back on.
  • The tooth is damaged. At times, a tooth beneath the crown becomes damaged or cracked—often due to a poor-fitting crown. If the damage is not to extensive, the tooth will need to be cleaned out and sealed with a dental filler material. A tooth that is cracked below the gumline will need to be extracted. Have your tooth and crown examined to find out the cause of your pain and your treatment options.


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