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Tooth fractured and pulled after dental implant placement and I’m still in pain

After having 2 dental implants placed last November I began to have pain from what seemed like one of the implants. Eventually the pain became severe. I made an appointment with my dentist to take a look at the implant and he said that the pain was coming from the tooth next to the implant. He said that the tooth must have been fractured somehow during the implant placement. He pulled the fractured tooth and said that I should be okay in about 2 weeks. I was really frustrated thinking that now I need a third dental implant. Anyway that was a two months and I am still in pain. Not as much pain, but it is very uncomfortable. I am really dreading going back to this dentist because I am thinking what is going to go wrong next. I know that I can’t stay away from the dentist because of the pain that I feel. I am not sure what to do next. – Regina W.

Regina – We suggest that you make an appointment with an experienced implant dentist to receive a second opinion. It is possible that there is a problem with the implant. It may be pinching a nerve or perhaps it was in some other way incorrectly placed.

At this point, you need an examination and x-ray to determine the cause of your pain. Once the source of the pain is identified, you can decide which implant dentist you would like to resolve the issue.

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