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My top denture is off center

By June 27, 2015November 30th, 2018Dentures, Prosthodontist

I am very uncomfortable with the look of my top denture. When I look in the mirror, the middle of the two front teeth is about ¼ inch off from the midline of my lip. It is quite noticeable when I smile. The dentist that I got the dentures from first acted like he couldn’t see the problem. When he finally admitted it, he said it is not that bad. It’s been a month and I am still very unhappy. I feel cheated. Is there any way this problem can be corrected? I don’t trust this dentist any more. – Jeannine

Jeannine – Your frustration is understandable. Since the dentist admitted that there is a problem with denture, you can schedule an appointment to discuss your disappointment, and let him know that you want the problem corrected.

If after the discussion with your dentist, you are still uncomfortable letting him do the work, you can ask for an agreeable way to compensate you for your loss. Meanwhile, you can schedule an appointment with an experienced prosthodontist for a second opinion.

When you find a prosthodontist who is skilled in cosmetic dentistry, you will receive personalized dentures that will enhance your smile, fit correctly, and be properly positioned. If you would like, you can also receive information on how your denture can be affordably stabilized.

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