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What about Chrysalis Dental Implants in Canada?

By March 9, 2013November 19th, 2020Blog

Do you have any feedback from Chrysalis Dental Canada patients? Their website is Can’t for the life of me find even ONE independent (not on their site) patient review other than this Thank you.

(Note – the above mentioned review website is no longer available.)

We really haven’t heard any feedback from Chrysalis patients. Their website has been up since late 2009, and I see they have locations all across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax.

Their marketing approach, just on browsing through their website, seems to have some similarities to the approach of Clear Choice here in the Chicago area. They have one basic procedure that they emphasize for people who have lost all their teeth, though they are not clear about what that is. They call it the Chrysalis Teeth in a Day technique. Clear Choice also has one technique for edentulous patients, which is the All on 4 dental implants technique.

The page on the Chrysalis website that bothers me the most is the one listing the dental implants services they offer. They list three options for complete teeth replacement, and pour cold water on two of them, while singing the praises of their technique. The truth is that there are variations to each option and all have pros and cons. So it’s deceptive what they are presenting to the patient.

At Dr. LaVacca’s office, we believe in customizing the treatment for each patient. While we can do everything that Clear Choice or Chrysalis can do, and in some cases this may be the best option for a patient, there are often better options, and the patient is best served by offering choices and frankly explaining the pros and cons of each procedure.

My advice to you would be similar to what I advise people who have been to Clear Choice. I would strongly recommend that you get a second opinion to get a clearer idea of your options.

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