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What can be done to fix my slanted teeth?

By April 29, 2015November 30th, 2018Orthodontics

My teeth are badly slanted. It really looks like dominos lined up parallel but falling backwards. They look flared out if that describes it any better. I am 27 yrs old now and worried that the older I get the worse they will look. What can be done to fix them? McKoy

McKoy – When teeth are flared, it is most often due to lack of space in the arch. Younger patients can benefit from an expander to assist in proper growth of the arch.

For adults, an orthodontist may recommend braces extractions, or other corrective surgery. Each patient’s case is different. We recommend that you select a few orthodontists with whom you can schedule consultations, learn about your options, and compare them. An examination and diagnostic studies will eventually be required to determine which treatment options are best for your case and the results you can expect from each of them.


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