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Why do I keep getting canker sores?

By September 12, 2014November 30th, 2018General Dentistry

I keep getting canker sores? It almost seems like before one goes away, I get another. What is causing this and is there something I can take or rinse my mouth with to prevent them? Thanks. Jerome

Jerome – There are many things that can cause canker sores. You really need to visit a dentist to have your sores and mouth examined, but some of the causes are listed below.

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate – you may be sensitive to this ingredient, which is commonly found in mouthwash and toothpaste
  • Sensitivity to food, including highly acidic food, and chocolate, strawberries, coffee, nuts, and eggs
  • A vitamin or mineral deficiency – vitamin B-12, zinc, folate (folic acid) or iron
  • An injury to your mouth from dental work, aggressive tooth brushing, a sports accident, or biting your cheek
  • Emotional stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Immune disorder, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, or other conditions

In addition to an examination, a dentist will review your history of canker sores, and your medical history to determine what is causing them. You will also receive appropriate treatment, which may be a mouth rinse, topical paste, oral medication, or whatever is appropriate for your case. Call a dentist to schedule an appointment for an examination.

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