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Why do my implants keep getting infected?

10 years ago I received three dental implants. I have had problems with the implants since they were placed. I’ve had several infections. The oral surgeon has done follow-up surgeries but I still get infections. He says that it’s genetics and my body is predisposed to rejecting the implants, and there is nothing wrong with the implants or the surgeries he performed. He is referring me to a periodontist now. I am not comfortable with this situation. How do I know whether he is hiding something or if my body really is rejecting the implants? – Cynthia from New Jersey


It is possible for a person to reject dental implants. And it is possible that surgical errors had a role in causing the infections. In order to get an accurate diagnosis, you need an examination by an experienced implant dentist.

If the implant fixtures are loose, they need to be removed. Bone grafting may be needed and after it heals, new implants need to be placed.

Get a second opinion from a credentialed implant dentist.

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