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Will a pediatric dentist whiten my daughter’s teeth?

My daughter is 8 yrs old. She is a model and has been in some local commercials. We both think that she would have more opportunities if she gets her teeth whitened. Will a pediatric dentist whiten her teeth or do I have to do it myself? Thanks Laney

Laney – There is limited research on teeth whitening for children. Many dentists recommended that whitening is delayed until permanent teeth are fully developed. When children are in their mid-teens, whitening by a dentist is safe.

While children are young, the pulp inside the tooth is still developing. Teeth bleaching can create sensitivity in adult teeth, and can be more intense in children. In unique situations, some dentists whiten children’s teeth, but you should not attempt it without a dentist’s supervision. Excessive whitening can weaken tooth structure and eventually darken teeth.

If you are interested in getting your daughter’s teeth whiter, speak with your pediatric dentist for recommendations.

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