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Will dental implants be cheaper if I buy my own supplies on ebay?

There are pages of inexpensive dental implant supplies on ebay. I am wondering if I can buy my own implant supplies and take them to a dentist who will install the implants for me. It’s like buying my own parts and paying for labor. It has to be cheaper than paying the markup costs at the dentist. Is this doable? – Russ

Russ – The cost of dental implants is an understandable concern. But quality is an even greater concern. A conscientious implant dentist will acquire all of the items needed to provide you with quality dental implants. This protocol erases the unknown results of a patient’s own purchases.

The quality, origin, and suitability of items you purchase on your own are questionable. Any variation can cause implant mistakes, infection, and failure.

We strongly recommend that you schedule consultations with three or four implant dentists. Ask questions about what each dentist does to ensure that you receive quality, successful dental implants. Also ensure that you understand your options for implants, the cost of dental implants from each provider, as well as the financial arrangements available to help make them affordable for you.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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