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Will medical insurance provide coverage for dental implant surgery?

By July 27, 2012October 20th, 2023Dental Implants

One of my teeth broke. It was supporting a bridge, so I want to replace the three teeth that were part of the bridge with dental implants. I am thinking that part of the cost should be an eligible expense for my medical coverage because the pieces of the tooth have to be surgically removed. I also have dental insurance with a $1500 annual maximum. Will part of the procedure be covered by medical insurance? Mylijeron from Philadelphia


Mylijeron – We don’t know what medical insurance plan you have, nor do we know the details of it, but it is unlikely that it will provide benefits for the surgical removal of the teeth in preparation for dental implants. Most medical insurances exclude dental treatment from coverage.

Dental insurance plans even have limitations on benefits for dental implants, because there are usually other options for treatment, and dental implants are the most expensive option. The insurance provides coverage for the least expensive treatment that will correct the problem.

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