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Yellow build up

By May 26, 2012December 1st, 2018Gum Disease

My teeth have a yellow build up on them that I can scrape off. But, whenever I do scrape it off it seems like I’m taking most of my tooth off. What is it and why is there so much?

MaryAnn L from Missouri


The build up is called Calculus or Tartar. It actually comes from the minerals in your saliva. As those minerals build up it is called calculus. Once it becomes visible it is called Tartar. Your dental hygienist removes it at each dental appointment. If you have a lot of it and it feels strange once you scrape it off, that is an indication that you haven’t been to the dentist in a while.

It’s tempting to think it isn’t necessary to go, but the build-up of calculus is very damaging and will lead to gum disease if it isn’t regularly removed.

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