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1 of my all on 4 implants is loose

I got all on 4 implants last October. 1 of the implants is loose. I know it because I feel the movement around it that I didn’t feel before. Is the All on 4 going to fail? Kyle

Kyle – A loose All-On-4 implant doesn’t necessarily mean implant failure, but you do need to notify your implant dentist of the problem right away.

There can be several causes of a loose implant. Some possible causes are listed below:

  1. Infection – Infection in the surround gum tissue or bone can cause implants to loosen.
  2. Failure of bone to fuse the implant (osseointegration) – If this fusion does not occur, dental implants will become lose. The implant can be removed, repositioned, if necessary, and replaced. Before it is replaced, your jawbone density will be reassessed to ensure proper placement. There are several things that can cause an implant not to fuse. A skilled implant dentist can identify the cause.
  3. Insufficient implants – In some cases, the load on the four implants is too heavy, putting the implants under stress. Additional implants may be needed to support your restoration.
  4. Improper hygiene – Poor oral hygiene, as well as smoking can delay or interfere with the healing process. Patients must be diligent about oral hygiene and avoid smoking during the entire healing process.

An examination is required to determine the cause of the loose implant. You can consider receiving a second opinion on the cause of the loose implant and what needs to be done to correct it. If you choose to seek a second opinion, find a skilled implant dentist. A prosthodontist has two years of post-graduate training specific to the replacement and restoration of teeth. An experienced prosthodontist has placed many types of dental implants and will be able to discuss a variety of options for you.

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