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Two of my affordable dental implants failed

By July 25, 2017October 20th, 2023Affordable Implant Dentistry

When I finally found affordable dental implants I thought I was being blessed. It was December of last year when I received 6 dental implants for my dentures and since that time 2 of them have failed. They have turned out to be the curse of a lifetime. This has been one of the most bitter experiences of my life and I so regret that I ever got them. I had 2 implant consultations and picked my dentist because his implants were more affordable and he talked a good game about quality and all the reasons that I would be just as satisfied with the results as if I had paid $4000-$5000 more from another dentist. I checked his training and qualifications on his website, and I believed him.

After the 2 implants failed, I was told that I needed bone grafting and that the grafts need to heal. Then I could get new implants. I received the grafting last month and had a follow-up appointment. The dentist told me it doesn’t look good. He does all of the work himself. He claims that he has had hundreds of implant problems and has never seen a case like mine. During my last appointment, he suggested that the grafting needs to be done over again. A few days ago I started having chest pains and went to the emergency room. Everything checked out fine. My primary care doctor said it’s probably stress. I’ve never had chest pains in my life. I can’t let stress or this dentist send me off the deep end. I’m very nervous about returning to him but I can’t walk around with faulty grafts either. Is this a common issue with affordable dental implants? Thank you. Ingrid

Ingrid – Affordable dental implants that are placed by a highly qualified implant dentist or prosthodontist are highly successful.

When problems arise the reasons vary. Some of then are listed below:

  • The implant dentist lacks the skill required for proper planning and placement of dental implants.
  • Lack of training in current techniques and best practices can lead to implant failure.
  • Cheap implant fixtures can loosen, break, or cause infection.
  • Lack of jawbone density can prevent proper healing. Jawbone density should be measured before implants are placed.
  • If you smoke, it can restrict your blood vessels and interfere with proper healing.

We recommend that you get two more opinions from experienced prosthodontists. Take a copy of your dental records and x-rays with you. After an examination, you’ll be advised of your treatment options. You can also learn about the condition of the remaining dental implants and whether or not they are stable.

If the implants have failed due to faulty work from your current dentist, request a partial refund.

This post is sponsored by Naperville dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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