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Are dentures my only option?

I am proud to say that I am a recovered drug addict, but my habit ruined a lot of teeth. They cannot be saved. I’m a 27 yr old man with lots of rotten teeth. Every time I had an interview I could see people looking at my teeth. Someone finally gave me a chance and now I make good money the honest way. It still bothers me because I know that my social life is affected by it too. I have the money to do something about the way I look now. Who wants dentures at 27? Please tell me my options. Thanks. Mike from Detroit.

Mike – Congratulations on your recovery. What an accomplishment!

It’s understandable that you don’t want dentures at 27 years of age. Dentures are one option for replacing teeth, and they are certainly preferred to being without any teeth, which affects your ability to eat and maintain your health.

When you can afford an alternative, dental implants are the best choice, and they are a permanent option. An implant has the same structure as a natural tooth. There is a titanium root form that is surgically embedded in your jawbone. When the jawbone heals, a replacement tooth or crown is placed on the root form.

The crown can have the same color and look of a natural tooth, if it’s done by an artistic cosmetic dentist who has been specifically trained in the techniques required to give you a beautiful smile.

When the work is completed, the implants will have the same look, feel and function of natural teeth. Your damaged teeth will be replaced with a beautiful smile. You and others won’t be able that they are not your natural teeth.

But not every dentist can give you successful and long-lasting implants. Check the credentials of the dentist to ensure that he or she has extensive training in and experience with dental implants. Otherwise, there are some costly and physically painful mistakes that can occur. Implant mistakes can even lead to needing completely new implants.

Read about the training and experience of implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca in Naperville. You’ll have a good idea of what to look for to get a beautiful smile makeover. Best wishes and congratulations again on the new you.

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