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Should my son’s baby teeth be extracted

By June 7, 2012November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

I have a 2o month old little boy. He recently had an injury that affected his front teeth. There is now green discoloration on them. I’ve heard that could be because I gave him a bottle, but I didn’t give him one often, so I think it is from the injury. Do I need to have his front teeth extracted? If so, how do I keep his other teeth from shifting?

Francis in Wyoming


Bottle feeding doesn’t actually cause discoloration. It can cause tooth decay if you put them to bed with a bottle, because then the formula just sits on their teeth. The green discoloration is probably from bacteria. It is not unusual for children to get weird stains on their teeth. As their body adapts to their environment, it goes away naturally. I would just take your son to a dentist to have his teeth cleaned and examined.

If you had his teeth extracted, you could have space maintainers placed in order to keep his other teeth from shifting. However, I don’t recommend extraction because he’ll need his teeth for proper speech development. Go see a good pediatric dentist and then take it from there.

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