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Bad root canal

By August 11, 2012November 30th, 2018Root Canal Treatment

I had a root canal. I don’t think it was done right cause I am in tons of pain.  It makes me sick in my stomach to the point I think I’m going to vomit. What do you think is happening? I don’t want this anymore and am thinking of just getting rid of the tooth.

Rebecca from Colorado


It is quite common for a root canal treatment to have a painful flare up, even if nothing was done wrong. Occasionally, infected material get’s pushed through the apex into the bone, which causes the ligament in that area to get inflamed and painful. Though the pain can be difficult to tolerate, it isn’t serious and your body should be able to fight the infection on its own.

Rather than pull your tooth after all the effort of saving it with a root canal, I would ask your dentist to reduce your bite. This will almost completely eliminate your pain. Generally, after a root canal treatment, a tooth is protected with a dental crown. If you have the bite reduced now, it won’t change anything that needs to be done to the tooth later.

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