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Can dental implants be removed?

By July 16, 2013December 3rd, 2018Dental Implant Mistakes, Dental Implants

If I get dental implants and I am not satisfied with them, can I have them removed? – Carlotta

Carlotta – When dental implants are properly placed by a credentialed implant dentist, they will look and feel like your natural teeth. You will be completely satisfied with them as the best form of tooth replacement. Implant placement is not inexpensive, so you want to ensure that you find an excellent implant dentist to place it.

If a patient has received implants from a dentist who didn’t plan implant placement properly or who uses cheap implant fixtures, dental implant failure can occur. And you would not be satisfied with the results.

If the implants fail, they must be removed, and they need to be completely redone. If you have received dental implants that you’re not satisfied with, have them examined by a skilled, credentialed implant dentist.

If you are considering dental implants, find a few experienced implants dentists and have consultations with them before you make your final decision about who will place the implants.

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