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3 implants failed. How do I know if my dentist used cheap implants?

I received 4 dental implants in March of this year. Everything seems to be going okay in June. I noticed some swelling and pain in 3 of them. I scheduled several appointments with my dentist who explained it away by saying sometimes the healing takes longer for some patients than others. This month the implants are starting to get loose and my dentist decided that they are going to fail. Before things got worse, he recommended that they all be removed. The explanation I was given was that for some reason my body is rejecting the implants. I am not sure that there is a basis for this explanation. How do I know if my body is really rejecting the implants? Could it be that cheap implants were used? How can I tell? Thank you. – Andrius

Andrius- You won’t be able to tell if substandard implant fixtures were used. Nor can you determine if your body is rejecting the implants. You need a second opinion—and perhaps a third opinion—from a skilled, experienced implant dentist.

You should request copies of your dental records, including diagnostic studies. The dentist(s) from whom you receive a second or third opinion will use the information, in addition to an exam of your fixtures and the implant sites, to determine why your implants have failed. If necessary, new 3-D x-rays will be taken.

The implant placement, implant fixtures, or your body’s reaction to the implants may be a cause of the failure. Lack of bone density, improper maintenance, smoking, and periodontal (gum) disease can also cause failure. But to be certain of the reason for your case, investigation is needed.

Don’t delay getting the second or third opinions. An infection will worsen until it is treated. If you are still eligible to receive dental implants, after the failed fixtures are removed, there will be a healing period before they can be replaced.

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